Smaller Homes Would Help Keep Lid on Prices

Re "Yorba Linda Seeks to Rescind Development Vote," Dec. 5:

Arinder Chadha wrote, "We have to wake up and realize the only way to stop paying over $700,000 for a house in Yorba Linda is build more homes, at whatever cost." Chadha is way off base. It is the size of the homes developers are building in Yorba Linda that pushes the cost to $700,000, not a housing shortage. What we need are smaller, more energy-efficient homes in the Yorba Linda area, not the monstrosities that have pretty much wiped out every green space in our community. Developers could build two homes instead of one and be better stewards of the community. In addition, because there aren't any reasonably sized homes being built in the area, rental prices keep going up as well.

Kathy Miller


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