Crying Foul Over Choice to Protect the Fowl

Those who govern do so with the consent of the governed. Does that sound familiar? What justification does the City Council have to enter into litigation without the consent of the people of Huntington Beach?

Our new mayor, a radical enthusiast of providing land and swamp for the birds over the building of homes for the people, is using our money to sue to negate the FAIR districting initiative that 23,000 Huntington Beach voters signed petitions for, in order to have it placed on the ballot. The only plausible reason the City Council could have to take this action is their knowledge that if the FAIR initiative is placed on ballot, it will pass, just as the anti-Wal-Mart measure was defeated by the majority.

This is absolute proof that Connie Boardman does not speak for the majority and is ignoring her duties as a representative of the people for her own desires.

Now Boardman wants to send a letter to the state Department of Fish and Game, urging it to direct the Wildlife Conservation Board to move forward in the negotiations with the owners of the Bolsa Chica mesa so it may be acquired for the public good. This is the first time I have heard that the birds (non-taxpayers) are part of the public.

This lady is running amok to pursue her personal goals and should be removed from office if she continues.

Bob Polkow

Huntington Beach

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