Too Early to Write Off Sen. Edwards' Prospects

"Few Voters Committing to Edwards" (Oct. 28) should have mentioned how those who meet presidential candidate John Edwards can't seem to get him out of their minds. My wife and I met the senator from North Carolina in Malibu last March. We have had the pleasure of seeing him on several occasions since, and not only does he grow on you as a person but his message is also emerging as the most thoughtful and resonant of all the Democratic contenders. Edwards has a natural talent for connecting with people that we haven't seen since Bill Clinton.

With three months to go, two polls (Zogby and the Boston Globe) show Edwards in third place in New Hampshire. He is headed for third place in Iowa, where he will probably best Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), and he has a double-digit lead in South Carolina, another key contest. Edwards could be the "January surprise" that Democrats are hoping for.

Cort Casady


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