Design choices could be dangerous in L.A.

Though I enjoyed the piece on Krislyn Komarov's lovely 1920s Spanish-style home ("Arranged for Lasting Effect," Jan. 17), I shuddered at the photo showing the massive wood-framed mirror hanging over the bed.

We lived in a 1920s Spanish-style home in 1994 when the Northridge earthquake struck. The idea that anyone who lives in Los Angeles would have anything over their bed, let alone a massive wood-framed mirror, is tremor-causing.

We have an antique hooked rug over our bed now, and I think anyone looking at this picture should be aware of the dangers of having anything heavy over one's bed while living in earthquake-prone Los Angeles.

Michele Adashek

Los Angeles


I don't suppose that the pebble-filled vases on the sides of the pictured bed would cause much damage to the bed's occupants during an earthquake, but I tremble to think of them lying there as the mirror crashes down. I sincerely hope that the vases are grounded enough not to roll too far and that the mirror is appropriately fastened to the wall.

Audrey Kopp

Marina del Rey

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