All actors should help craft deal

I was both angered and saddened to read that high-profile actors are attempting to disenfranchise their less-successful counterparts ("Talks on horizon for actors," Feb. 14).

While none of us want a strike, making financial requirements of members is no way to encourage solidarity. For many actors, every dollar earned doing what we love goes toward rent, groceries and the hope that we can quit our survival jobs in offices and restaurants.

Most of the actors mentioned in the article will never have to worry about those things again. These negotiations mean as much to those of us starting out as they do to A-list actors.

Where will this cutoff be? $5,000? $10,000? How good a year do I have to have to qualify to vote in my own union?

Perhaps the government should take a cue from these fortunate few and take away the voting rights of people who live below the poverty line.

Meaghan Boeing

Sherman Oaks

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