Stars and stripes

RE "Hollywood's War Effort," by John Horn, April 30: Hollywood stars such as Henry Fonda, James Stewart, Clark Gable, Sterling Hayden and many others could easily have avoided service or chosen safe duties on bases in the U.S. in WWII but instead chose to serve on the front lines.

Hollywood is often criticized for its indulgent lifestyle but many in the community, then and now, choose to be of service to their country and for humanity. Let's give recognition to those who do good as well as those who stain the image of Hollywood.

Arthur Shapero

North Hills

IFOUND Horn's story on the New Orleans exhibition incredibly informative and fascinating. And I wonder if something not mentioned in the story is part of that show: Hollywood performers who contributed to the cause with traveling USO shows.

MGM had a whole operation for which my friend, screenwriter Irv Brecher, wrote material. Now 94, Irv fondly remembers Groucho, Eddie Robinson, Carole Lombard, Tallulah Bankhead and others joining the effort and entertaining soldiers.

Hank Rosenfeld

Santa Monica

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