Hunt, reviewed

I MUST take exception to Carina Chocano's characterization of Helen Hunt's performance in "Then She Found Me" [" 'Then She' Whines -- But Smartly," April 25]. Her opinion of Hunt as having tendencies to play too whiny, too angry and not sympathetic in just about everything she does is not only confusing but inaccurate.

Let's look at some of the films she is including in that list: "What Women Want" (Whiny? No, a beautiful, smart, funny advertising woman); "Cast Away" (A survivor getting on with her life); "As Good as It Gets" (A little crying perhaps, some might call it . . . drama! She won an Academy Award for that one); "Twister" (No whining there; in fact, a lot of humor plus a lot of running from tornadoes and flying barns); "Project X" (Some monkey business and sign language, but not angry or unsympathetic).

Perhaps Helen Hunt is chosen for projects where depth of emotion is required because she understands it and can execute it.

Betty Jean Ward

Sherman Oaks

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