2nd opinion on McCain health plan

Re "McCain backs open healthcare market," April 30

I have toyed with the notion of voting for John McCain. His independence, fair-mindedness and integrity have held a certain appeal. However, now that I have read about his proposal for healthcare reform, I have lost all interest. He demonstrates a total lack of understanding about the problem.

It's not choice we need to address. It's accessibility.

Health insurance in this country is profit-driven; therefore every insurance company has strong incentives to accept only healthy people. If you ended my job-based insurance, I would never find an insurance company willing to take me -- not for 10 times the $5,000 that McCain wants to offer.

McCain's solution would be murder on me, pure and simple.

Brad Currier


McCain's tax credit proposal is the right prescription for our ailing healthcare system.

The rising number of employers who are shifting more of the cost to their employees or have terminated coverage tells us that the era of employer-based insurance is coming to an end.

Perhaps it may be more effective if everyone is required to purchase catastrophic health insurance from this credit, leaving the balance for purchasing additional coverage or for medical expenses.

A single-payer system appears attractive on the surface, but given the failing of such systems in other countries, it would likely lead us on a disastrous journey. Give the tax credit idea a chance.

John T. Chiu

Newport Beach

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