Governor hasn't endorsed route

Re "A powerful champion of a power line," April 27

This article is in our view misleading. I'm writing this letter because our request for a correction was denied.

In this article's headline and first sentence, The Times reported that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is "pushing" state regulators to approve a plan to build an energy transmission line "through" Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

However, nowhere in the lengthy article did the reporter provide anything beyond weak, connect-the-dot, circumstantial evidence to support those claims. I speak for the administration when I say that these assertions do not add up when presented with the facts.

What is true is that San Diego Gas & Electric wants to build a transmission line to connect renewable energy to the energy grid. And it's also true that Schwarzenegger in December wrote a letter in support of constructing a transmission line to bring the renewable energy to consumers.

But there are several proposed routes for that transmission line, one of which goes through the state park. Neither the governor nor anyone in his office has expressed a preference for any specific route. The governor has not endorsed a route, has not lobbied a single commissioner and in fact would prefer a route that does not go through the park if that proves to be the best option.

That's not the story readers of The Times got. Instead, they got inferences and a misleading conclusion.

Darren Bouton

Deputy Legislative


Office of Gov. Arnold



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