Israel at 60

Re "For some Palestinians, one state better than none," May 8

There is nothing new about a "one-state solution." This was the Arab position 60 years ago when they rejected every proposal -- whether it was partition, federalism or bi-nationalism -- that would have provided for recognition of Jewish national aspirations within the Palestine Mandate.

Since 1948, Israelis have built a modern democratic nation with a vigorous cultural life that is at the cutting edge of scientific and technological achievement -- in marked contrast to every other Middle Eastern state. There is no way they will trade that for a "solution" that is now, as it was then, a Trojan horse for a unitary state that will marginalize Jewish interests and negate those achievements.

Henry D. Fetter

Los Angeles


The "two-state solution" for peace was imposed on the people of historic Palestine by outsiders, and it has been used by Israel as a way to usurp Palestinian lands, rights and peace.

I very much like the idea of a shared state with equal rights for indigenous Palestinians and Jews. However, for real justice and democracy to work, Zionism needs to be disarmed -- no more American taxpayer funds and lethal weaponry for deluded religious scholars and immigrant bigots who think God is a real estate agent.

Anne Selden Annab

Mechanicsburg, Pa.


As we woke up to celebrate Israel's 60th birthday, we were disappointed to find an article discussing the fringe one-state solution. Although there might be merits to having this discussion, we found it hurtful to run it on the very day when the Jewish people are celebrating the creation and achievements of one of the most productive nations in our time.

We support a two-state solution and share a desire to end Israeli rule over what we hope will be a Palestinian state. We are sympathetic to the situation of the Palestinians, and we work for reconciliation between the two peoples. Yet, on the day when our people are grateful for Israel's existence and the myriad scientific advances it has given to the world, we had hoped to see an article that acknowledged these achievements.

Rabbi Joshua Levine


Rabbi Gilbert Kollin


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