Taking a shot at guns in parks

Re "Wrong target," editorial, May 10

The Department of the Interior is proposing to change the rules on citizens carrying guns in national parks and wildlife refuges because that better comports with the rights of American citizens.

Park-goers face dangers from animals and criminals, and rangers want to be armed too.

Why would they oppose the rights of American citizens? Why do you?

Jim Dodd

San Diego


Will there be no relief, even during its last few months, from the relentless boneheadedness of the Bush administration? Judging by Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne's efforts to allow visitors to bring loaded and accessible firearms into the national parks, the answer is no.

If this absurd proposal takes effect, those guns will be fired at animals, park signs, trees, beer cans and things that go bump in the night.

If he succeeds in this effort, I devoutly hope that Kempthorne will one day find himself at a campsite with Dick Cheney and his shotgun on one side and a flock of doves on the other.

Don Belcher

Los Angeles

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