Important voices

RE "REBELS With a Cause" (by Agustin Gurza, May 10): While the "Vexing: Female Voices From East L.A. Punk" exhibition will no doubt add another layer to the rich history of L.A. music, I'm perplexed at the assertion in the article that Chicano punks were somehow rejected from the Hollywood punk scene (ditto the idea that the scene was male-dominated: The all-girl Go-Go's and female-fronted X, Alley Cats, and the Eyes were among the definitive bands of the time).

The column ignores -- with the exception of the Bags -- many of the Chicano- (and Latino-) led bands and musicians, such as the Zeros, the Gears, the Plugz, the Gun Club, Tito Larriva, Danny Hidalgo, Victor Bissetti, Gerardo Velasquez, Michael Ochoa and Margaret Guzman, to name a few, who helped create the original Hollywood punk scene.

Brendan Mullen

Los Angeles

Mullen booked the Club Lingerie in Hollywood from 1981 to 1991 and founded the Masque, a vital club in the Hollywood punk scene

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