India good for the soul, spirit

What a pleasure to feel the Indian experience again with Roslyn Greenwald, by Jeff Greenwald ["Mom and the Taj Mahal," May 11]. I love personal tales like this one; it's easy to find hotels and itineraries on the Web.

Joyce Tapper

Van Nuys


India isn't for everyone, but for those who go and allow themselves to be immersed in that place, it is an experience of a lifetime. At first it is total sensory overload, but it is addicting and the pull to return never goes away.

Marty Wilson



I so enjoyed Greenwald's article on touring India with his mom. I went to India by myself in 2006. Your article brought back all the sights and sounds.

I don't believe in God and I am Jewish, but I too was moved by the spirituality that Greenwald's mother spoke about. I too bought a Ganesha and have it in my shrine from all my travels.

There is something about India that stirs the soul and awakens the spirit.

Madge Woods

West Los Angeles

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