Right turns and right of ways

Re "Red-light cameras catch right turns and lots of revenue," May 19

As a frequent pedestrian in Long Beach, I have no trouble with tickets being issued to drivers who don't obey the law regarding right turns on red lights.

Since the beginning of the year, I have come close to being hit three times (when I had a walk signal) by drivers who actually stopped and looked to their left for traffic but did not bother to notice that I was in the crosswalk.

At a minimum, a photo citation should provide an important educational opportunity for drivers clearly ignorant of traffic laws, and perhaps reduce the future risk to pedestrians.

If cities can benefit financially from this process, more power to them.

Ruth Given

Long Beach

I wonder at the simple-minded assessment of a traffic engineer who assumes no danger if an accident is a "sideswipe at most." He fails to consider the collateral damage -- lost time for both parties and everyone backed up behind the accident, insurance or out-of-pocket costs for repairs and a pervasive disintegration of trust on the road.

Defensive driving is no longer enough; I find myself second-guessing everyone else's options.

Driving is far more exhausting than it should be because too many people do not honor right of ways or don't know the law in the first place.

As for the 6 a.m. excuse, my guess is that that guy turns right on red lights without stopping most of the time, not just on the way to the golf course.

And the rest of us have to adjust our driving to allow for his arrogance. I'd like my right of way back.

Bonnie Y. Modugnol


I got nailed at the same intersection as Porcia London. It's infuriating, to say the least.

Here's my suggestion: After you pay the outrageous fine, write your elected officials in Sacramento and let them know what you think about traffic cameras ticketing right turns.

If you happen to live in the same city that issued the ticket, tell your city council member that you want this shakedown stopped.

On the safety side, whoever follows me when I turn right at one of these intersections needs to be prepared for a full stop. Watch for the number of rear-enders to go off the charts.

Heck of a job, Los Angeles.

Morris Schneider

South Pasadena

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