Be careful what you pay for coins

As a serious collector of U.S. coins for many years, I was very happy to see the dollar coin story ("Is this any way to make a mint?," Consumer Confidential, May 18).

There are too many flimflam artists feeding off the public's greed and misinformation by making great promises about fabulous value increase potential and . . . wait, was I talking about coins or the home mortgage business?

Rod Heathcote



I have been a coin collector since FDR was president and a part-time coin dealer for more than 50 years.

Your column on how the new presidential dollars are being packaged and marketed is worthwhile reading for the uninformed general public who get sucked into these promotional offers.

My rule for all non-collectors is never buy any coins based on a newspaper or a magazine ad. They are always overpriced and hyped excessively with exaggerations and misleading slogans. Caveat emptor.

Sol Taylor

Sherman Oaks

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