Clinton overstays her welcome

Re "Clinton apologizes for RFK remark," May 24

Hillary Rodham Clinton should withdraw from the Democratic race for president.

The Clintons are famous for parsing their words. Hillary Clinton knew exactly what she was saying. In light of the well-publicized threats on Barack Obama's life, she can no longer claim that her campaign exists for any reason other than to "kneecap" Obama, Tonya Harding-style, so that she can run in 2012.

It's time for this mean-spirited woman to leave.

Richard L. Huff

San Diego


It's time -- Hillary's campaign is over. For her to evoke Bobby Kennedy's assassination so casually, just a few days after Ted Kennedy's diagnosis -- and to put it in the context of her own political future -- is beyond appalling. She has lost all perspective in her egocentric quest for the presidency.

There is tragedy in her doomed candidacy, and lost opportunity. But nothing can justify raising the specter of assassination, the act that has so damaged our country and so extinguished the hope of young people.

I was 18 and in L.A. the night Bobby Kennedy was shot. It capped five years of horror from which our country still has not recovered. How dare Clinton use that watershed moment to suggest she could "come to the rescue" and become the Democratic candidate in 2008?

Anne Farrell

Del Mar


At the very least, this proves Clinton should not be answering anybody's phone at 3 a.m. If some fanatic does attempt an assault on Obama, Clinton should go to prison, not to the White House.

Dolores Turner

Huntington Beach

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