Roamin' around New Zealand

I was delighted to see Mary Engel's story ["Roll 'n' Roam, July 19] about traveling in a camper on the gorgeous South Island of New Zealand. In 1990, I met a delightful Italian couple on a Blue Lagoon cruise out of Fiji. They invited me to share their camper traveling South Island for two weeks. I was treated to the catbird seat with a great view as we roamed the gorgeous island. I will never forget the beauty of every corner of New Zealand, from an English-style garden in Christchurch to walking the Tasman Track to taking a boat out on the Tasman Sea.

It was the experience of a lifetime. My grandchildren now have the travel bug and tell me my grand tour in 1990 inspired them. Engel did a lovely job of reporting.

Sharon Zimmerman

Joshua Tree


As an owner of a 1978 VW bus, I was happy to read Engel's article. We did something similar when we visited Maui a few years ago, renting a 1991 VW Vanagon for $99 a day. For less than the cost of a typical hotel room, we had our lodging, car rental and mobile kitchenette with us at all times. It amazes me that more people don't travel this way. People thought it was odd, but it was completely natural to us.

Mike Begley


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