Re "Edward Kennedy dies at 77," Aug. 26

Through it all, Ted Kennedy was one of the few leaders who was consistent in his message: healthcare for everyone in the United States.

In a time when politicians change their beliefs depending on the latest Internet poll, Kennedy stayed the course. Thank you, Ted, for staying out there all nine innings.

Now the torch has been passed to our current president, who is committed to healthcare for everyone.

David Todd Prouty

Morro Bay


Kennedy's death saddens us all. There will be numerous words lauding his career.

The strongest way we can really honor his memory -- and his unending crusade for the well-being of the American people -- is through deeds, not words.

No act would be more relevant than supporting his lifelong efforts to see that all Americans have health insurance with a public-option preference.

Roger Carasso

Los Angeles


He came from wealth and yet understood better than most of his colleagues in the Senate the terrible inequities that this country seemed to tolerate.

His compassion -- not a political slogan but rather a heartfelt emotion -- was evident daily in his later years. He made tragic mistakes, as well as monumental contributions, to the country he loved so well.

I offer my humble thanks to the Kennedys for allowing Ted Kennedy to give so much of himself to those of us who never got to know him personally.

He will be missed by the people whose lives he touched with his deeds. I only hope that his passing will serve to propel his greatest desire of bringing healthcare to all the people of this nation and not just those with the financial means.

Dorothy R. Weintraub

Los Angeles

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