Post office blues

Re "Small post offices may close," Aug. 24

I wish your article had said what it would cost to keep open each office slated for closure.

If the office is that important to those cities and their citizens, perhaps they need to come up with the money to keep it open?

Unfortunately, like most other things when it comes to government, everyone wants the services, but they don't want to pay the price.

Bob Thomas

Los Angeles

The Postal Service has no one to blame but itself. It has too many unproductive managers and administrators.

Post offices generate thousands of dollars in cash (stamp and retail sales) daily. But in my former job, I used to see pallets of junk mail shunted between processing plants and post offices on repeated truck trips, negating any profits.

Bartley J. D'Alfonso



As the wife of a 28-year, hardworking postal employee, I have no sympathy for people who may have to travel 10 miles to a post office, or that areas such as Balboa Island may lose their branches. After decades, my husband makes $25 an hour; hardly overpaid. And people have griped for years about the cost of a postage stamp, currently at 44 cents. Has anyone noticed the price of bread? A can of soda? How about gasoline? Do the private carriers deliver your envelope for 44 cents?

Irene Gray

Lake Elsinore

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