Frivolous lawsuits are costing jobs

Re: "States' rivalry for jobs heats up," Aug. 24:

If Assemblyman Jose Solorio (D-Santa Ana) really wants to keep businesses in California, he and his fellow legislators need to put their effort into improving California's business climate, not into producing an ad campaign. Thousands of Californians have lost their jobs in the last year and a recent poll by California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse shows voters are now making the connection that unwarranted lawsuits are costing jobs.

Yet the California Legislature, flush with hefty campaign contributions from plaintiffs' attorneys, continually blocks legislation to reform shakedown lawsuits and class-action lawsuit abuse. California is under attack by other states like Nevada because our policies are bad for business.

Pass legal reforms. This will do more to keep California businesses in our state than any glitzy ad campaign.

David Houston

Pacific Palisades

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