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The new H1N1 swine flu is estimated to have infected about 800,000 people in New York City in the spring, a top U.S. health official said, citing a study to be released this week.

Dr. Thomas Frieden, who heads the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, was New York's health commissioner before taking the top CDC job in June.

"In New York City, where we had a lot of H1N1 this last spring, the estimate is about 800,000 people, about 10% of New York City residents, got infected with the flu," Frieden said in an interview with C-SPAN television. "That's a lot of people."

Swine flu has infected more than 1 million people in the United States and is now the CDC's No. 1 priority. The World Health Organization predicts a third of the world's population will eventually be infected.

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