Perspective on student’s death

Re “Boy’s death still haunts his teacher,” July 19

It’s all too easy to call Lawrence King’s manner of dress and response to bullying “provocative.” That is a common, prejudiced defense of those who instigate bullying and take it to its extreme conclusion.

King came from a troubled background, as did Brandon McInerney. But it was Mc- Inerney who allegedly got in King’s face and assaulted him on a regular basis, although your story reports that King had a “habit of taunting those who made fun of him.” And it was McInerney’s family who had a lethal weapon within easy reach of their child.

It wasn’t King’s behavior that ultimately shattered several lives, including that of his compassionate teacher, Dawn Boldrin.

Let’s place blame where it belongs, on anti-gay bigotry, intimidation and violence.

Regan DuCasse

North Hollywood