Claire Stansfield finds high end in the low

Claire Stansfield deftly mixes high-end design with more affordable purchases. Some of her budget-minded strategies:

Linen sheets: Stansfield swears by Matteo Home sales. “All of the fabrics are made in Italy and finished here in L.A. The quality is amazing,” she says. “The sheets aren’t cheap, but twice a year they have amazing sales. I always stock up then.”

Kids’ furniture and accessories: “IKEA, IKEA, IKEA,” she says. “Their design is clean and simple looking, and it’s affordable.” She likes the store for toy storage, mats for the bathroom, and towels.

Accessories: Stansfield turns to the crafty website Etsy. “It’s my new addiction,” she says. “You can get the most beautiful candelabra there for $40, or holiday decorations. I just bought these little felted birds’ nests with blue birds’ eggs that are so beautiful. And they were only $14. There are so many craftspeople across the country doing amazing things.”


Flowers: Stansfield goes to the Los Angeles Flower District with long-term décor in mind. “In the spring I like to buy branches of cherry blossoms,” she says. “They’ll last longer than flowers, and then I’ll ‘plant’ the wool Etsy eggs within the branches, and it makes an amazing and affordable arrangement.”

— Alexandria Abramian Mott