Finalist: Joseph E. Miller

C-Suite 2022

Griffin Capital

Joe Miller is the chief financial officer for Griffin Capital, an investment and asset management company based in Los Angeles that specializes in real estate investments. He has worked at the company for 15 years and was instrumental in the establishment of Griffin Capital’s Private Equity division in 2018.

As CFO, Miller works closely with managing Griffin Capital’s investment strategy, which primarily focuses on multi-family real estate, an area of business that has seen a lot of supply and demand activity in recent years. Most investments are designed around a tax strategy for private investors. The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act introduced Qualified Opportunity Zones, which allow investors to invest capital gains with attractive tax advantages. To ensure capital investments were protected from non-compliance, Miller made sure Griffin partnered with best-in-class service providers to develop and implement reporting structures and transparencies to give investors peace of mind.