Valerie Moizel

C-Suite 2022

The Woo Agency

Since founding The Woo shortly after college in the late ‘90s, Valerie Moizel has built the independent and woman-owned firm into a creative and brand powerhouse serving a who’s who of clients, including Intel, Lenovo, LA Fitness, Bosch and DeLonghi. From recent highlights like launching Whipshots, Cardi B’s vodkainfused whipped cream brand, to a 10-year relationship with Lenovo, she has guided The Woo with a focus on using the power of emotion to connect with consumers.

Moizel is also a fierce champion of women and diverse perspectives in the workplace, launching the SheDynasty podcast to provide a forum for women in business to tell their stories. To encourage the next generation of leaders, she created TeamWoo, a program pairing high school students with agency mentors to work through real-world campaign assignments. Moizel has carved out a unique path in the agency world, building a business from scratch starting in her twenties.