Finalist: Tiffany Renee Thomas

Business of Law 2022

Senior Counsel: Employment Law
UC Berkeley School of Law

Tiffany Renee Thomas is an experienced employment law attorney and HR professional whose career serves as an example of both excellence and service. Throughout her law firm career, she maintained a thriving pro bono practice that provided legal services to organizations such as the African American Art and Culture Complex, Family Support Services, and the Black Coalition on AIDS.

In March of 2020, Thomas joined Genentech’s legal department as senior counsel -- employment law. In the last two years, she has led important aspects of the company’s COVID-19 practices, policy development, and compliance programs and acted as the lead legal advisor to Genentech’s sites, which are home to the majority of the company’s essential workers throughout the pandemic. She has also served as legal advisor for the company’s Chief Diversity Office, where she has used her legal and diversity and inclusion background to inform the CDO’s programming and initiatives.