Finalist: Dawn Maroney

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Markets President,
Alignment Health & CEO
Alignment Health Plan

Dawn Maroney is a respected health plan expert with 30 years of experience and a pioneer in Medicare, Medicaid, and underserved markets. As president and CEO of Alignment Health, she has driven its growth, making it one of the fastest-growing Medicare Advantage companies with eight quarters of strong performance since its IPO. She oversees all aspects of the health plan, including member experience, growth, compliance, and more. Alignment Health’s commitment to seniors is evident in culturally appropriate plans for underserved populations, with plans catering to Asian and Hispanic members. The company expanded its service area, now available in 52 counties across multiple states, serving 8.2 million Medicare-eligible seniors. Alignment Health has earned accolades for exceptional quality, including a 5-star rating for the North Carolina Plan and 4 stars for the California Plan. Maroney’s dedication extends beyond the company by serving industry organizations and community partnerships as well as supporting those in need.