Jill Dominguez

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(Doug Gifford/Doug Gifford)

Executive Director & President
Mary’s Path

When Mary’s Path, an Orange County nonprofit serving pregnant and parenting foster teens, hired Jill Dominguez as executive director and president in 2020, it gained more than a person to help them weather the pandemic. They hired a celebrated entrepreneur with inimitable strength and the wisdom of 30 years working in and consulting nonprofits who would take them to previously unimagined heights. With her eye on upstream causes, Dominguez has pulled back the curtain on the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) that has risen to pandemic levels in foster youth. With allied agencies, she is leading Mary’s Path to take part in tackling the number one crime in Orange County: child sex trafficking. Approximately 90% of teen mothers in Mary’s Path’s care have been victims of this heinous crime.