Nominee: Derek Michael Dahlin

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In-house counsel 2023

General Counsel
University of San Diego

After the start of COVID, Derek Dahlin began working for ClickUp - a hypergrowth productivity management company valued at over $4 billion. At the time, ClickUp was a scrappy, self-funded start-up with fewer than 50 employees, but it had already begun challenging and beating its public company rivals. He joined ClickUp full-time as its general counsel a few months later, shortly after the company’s Series A fundraising round, at which point ClickUp began to experience tremendous growth. Over the next few years, ClickUp quickly grew from a small start-up to an international enterprise, with subsidiaries in four countries and over 900 global employees.

Dahlin led the company through both its Series B and Series C financings (totaling over $500 million of investment from tier-one VC funds such as Andreeson Horowitz, Tiger Global, and Craft Ventures) and was instrumental in managing its expansion both internationally and domestically.