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Girardi | Keese

Girardi | Keese
From left: Neyleen Sara Beljajev, Amy Fisch Solomon, Lauren Horwitz and Amanda Heather Marz (Photo by Amy Cantrell)

Given its deep bench of skilled trial attorneys — who include partner Amy Fisch Solomon — Girardi | Keese has pioneered litigation in the personal injury field, achieving more than $10 billion for its injured clients.

"Amy is truly one of the finest trial lawyers around, and her results prove it," notes firm founder Thomas Girardi, who was ranked as the region's No. 1 attorney in the 2013 Southern California Super Lawyers.

He adds: "She has had so many great results that it is increasingly difficult for her to try cases, because generally the other side comes around to her way of thinking and resolves the matter."

Solomon has successfully tried more than 30 jury and bench trials in state and federal courts, obtaining many seven- and eight-figure results for her clients. Currently, she is representing women who have been injured by the birth control drugs Yaz and Yasmin; she has also handled pharmaceutical litigation against the makers of the drugs Actos, Vioxx and Avandia.

"All of these cases involve a terrific amount of paperwork, and sometimes you see trial lawyers who are not so good at dotting the i's and crossing the t's," Girardi says. "But with Amy, her papers filed with the court are just as persuasive as her oral arguments in the courtroom."

Solomon began her career as a law clerk at Girardi | Keese and has been a lawyer with the firm since 1989. Five other female attorneys join her at the firm: Amanda McClintock, Neyleen Beljajev, Celene Chan, Amanda Heather Marz and Lauren Horwitz.

"When you join this firm, it's a life sentence without possibility of parole," Girardi jokes. "Virtually everyone here was a law clerk before becoming a lawyer, and I think the reason why people remain so loyal is because they are enthusiastic about the work we're doing."

Beyond her practice, Solomon serves as a role model for female trial attorneys by traveling to law schools and speaking about her experience at Girardi | Keese. She is also a past president of the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA) and a co-leader of the CAALA Women's Caucus.

"The guidance Amy gives to younger lawyers at this firm is spectacular," Girardi says. "And the dedication of people like her — especially in terms of being an inspiration to younger lawyers — has been an important part of this firm's success."

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