2021 Kitchen and Bath Trends

A contemporary kitchen renovation remodeling featuring a center island, hardwood floor and quartz counter.
(YinYang/Getty Images)

Kitchens and bathrooms have remained cherished areas in the home for good reason: We spend a lot of time in these rooms and prefer to do our food prep, eating, and personal business in comfort within a well-equipped space.

But it’s easy for these popular areas to quickly look and feel outdated, requiring a modernization every few years. That’s why it pays to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest kitchen and bathroom remodeling trends, such as those reported recently by

54% of experts are mixing and matching metals in the kitchen; 78% opt for quartz and quartzite and 78% indicate an increased focus on easy-to-clean surfaces. In addition, gourmet kitchens, higher-end appliances, and touchless features are more in demand.

Cristina Miguelez, a remodeling specialist. says it’s obvious that the long-lasting pandemic has had a strong impact on trends.

“With the increase in time spent at home and not being able to go to different places, homeowners found themselves cooking more homemade meals and spending more time with their families,” she says. “This is one of the main factors influencing homeowners to invest in higher-end kitchen appliances and gourmet kitchens, which can transform their environments into something more enjoyable and make cooking a lot easier.” The rationale behind easier-to-clean surfaces is also evident. “With the rise of disinfection consciousness, most people realize how hard some surfaces are to clean and keep sanitized, which can cause cross-contamination inside the home,” Miguelez adds.

Metals are sanitary and beautiful. “Stainless steel has been the preferred choice for many years. Just like there is a general trend toward warmer and bolder colors, people are ready for more dynamism and color in their kitchens,” says Miguelez, who cites brass, copper and chrome as new popular alternatives to stainless steel. For bathrooms, 53% point to spa elements as the biggest bathroom trend for 2021 and 56% have observed bidet and bidet toilet seats rising in popularity.

Bidets and bidet toilet seats have long been popular inEurope andAsia, so it was likely only a matter of time before these products started to gain traction in the U.S. Many attribute the toilet paper shortage of 2020 to this trend, although personal pampering has a lotto do with it, as well.

–CTW Features