Billionaire Bucket List: Travel like a hedge fund manager


If you’re as rich as Carlos Slim, if you live off the interest on your interest, or if starring in this year’s megahit movie has simply exhausted you, these are the world’s ultimate luxury getaways — a champagne bucket list for anyone who’s never quite grasped the concept of sticker shock.

Your own private island in Belize: $13,500 to $19,500 a night

Like Bill Gates, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tiger Woods, you can unwind on Cayo Espanto, a private island paradise in Belize, where you and your entourage will be the only guests. The walls of your villa are hinged and can be opened to provide you with an unobscured view of the brilliant blue Caribbean. A houseman will cater to — even anticipate — your every need. And an award-winning chef will prepare whatever culinary creations you desire, served, perhaps, at a torchlit dinner on the sands of a deserted beach.


Tour Italy in a Ferrari: $26,000 to $39,000 a week

Feel the raw power and wind-in-your-hair exhilaration of coursing through the rolling hills of Tuscany behind the wheel of a Ferrari. Your personal concierge will have left earlier, escorting your luggage in another vehicle. Wherever you’re headed, he’ll be there first, waiting to park your six-figure wheels. And each morning, he’ll have the car polished to perfection and ready for your next adventure.

Red Travel will custom plan a tour through your choice of Italy’s cultural and scenic destinations. Together you’ll select the finest accommodations and restaurants en route, like the Michelin three-star La Pergola in Rome — though dining costs are additional.

Charter the Onassis Yacht: $58,000 a day

For its astronomical price tag, a Mediterranean cruise on the Christina O offers something priceless. You’ll sleep in the suite where Aristotle Onassis and Jackie O honeymooned and sun on the deck where Marilyn Monroe once lounged, while your guests enjoy staterooms like the one Winston Churchill shared with his pet parakeet Toby.

An additional 30% will cover meals from a galley managed by the Michelin 3-star restaurant Don Alfonso 1890, served in a dining room adorned with an original Renoir. The fee also includes spa treatments, champagne and even — in true Onassis style — fine cigars.

Grand Tour of the World: $1.5 million

For two years, you’ll be dazzled by one spectacular experience after another as you visit UNESCO World Heritage sites from the Great Wall of China to Galapagos. Sip Cristal champagne from Murano glass flutes in a Venetian gondola. Tour Kronoberg Castle in Denmark, then indulge in a nine-course feast at Noma, the 2012 World’s Best Restaurant. And after exploring the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru, relax with aromatherapy and massage at a spa in the ancient Lost City.

During this two-year journey, you’ll stay at the world’s most splendid hotels — George V in Paris, Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai, Hotel Cipriani in Venice. The tour, created by with Hurlingham Travel in London, is “bespoke” — custom tailored like a Savile Row suit.

Maxine Nunes, Brand Publishing Writer