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Jaw-dropping vacation options for big-budget travelers

Jaw-dropping vacation options for big-budget travelers
Ol Jogi Ranch, Kenya (Durston Saylor /)

The one percent — that astronomically wealthy group politicians love to hate — don't vacation. They "summer" or "winter," and in jaw-dropping style. If you can pony up six figures for a brief getaway — not including round-trip transportation from the U.S. — here's how to chill like the super-rich.

A romantic weekend in St. Moritz:
$135,000 (depending on exchange rate)

In honor of Badrutt's Palace's 120th anniversary, they're offering romantic a 120,000-euro weekend. Perks include a private jet from airport to hotel, a 12,000-euro shopping spree and a cocktail served with a diamond ring.

Around the world in a private jet:
$147,500 per person


From French Polynesia to the rainforests of Borneo, from Mount Everest to Iceland, this 26-day vacation from Abercrombie & Kent circles the globe. You'll stay at the finest accommodations and at restaurants, or a private chef will prepare meals.

A swank safari in Kenya:

Ol Jogi, a family-owned 60,000-acre resort in Kenya, is home to wildlife's "big five" — lions, leopards, elephants, endangered black rhinos and buffalo. It's also a nature reserve. As the only guests on the property, you and your posse can indulge in unparalleled luxury. You'll fly in on a private Cessna and stay in exquisite cottages appointed with fine art, antiques, Hermès linens and Buccellati silver. All profits from your visit are reinvested in wildlife conservation.

Maxine Nunes, LA Times Custom Publishing Writer