Jonathan Lee


Principal Managing Director
George Smith Partners
Professional Services

Jonathan Lee recently began his 15th year at George Smith Partners, having moved to the firm from a home building development firm in 2006. He began his work in capital advisory as part of co-founder Steve Bram’s team before forming his own group in 2012. He became a partner in 2014 and today he is a managing director.

In his first year as managing director, Lee established a Fannie/Freddie correspondent agreement and, in concert with his fellow partners, grew the firm’s capital advisor base. From 2017-2019, firm revenue grew 58%, transaction volume increased, and GSP began to lay the groundwork for its geographic expansion. Lee and his team continue to focus on ground up construction and permanent debt in the multi-family space. Notably, Lee and team closed an 80% loan to cost project in Azusa. The 163-unit mixed use development is located one block south of the Metro Gold Line.