Black Friday deals offered for Bitcoin users

Good news from everyone's favorite cryptocurrency.

If you happen to be among the digital vanguard holding Bitcoins, then you're in line for some exclusive deals on Black Friday. 

A group of online activists, Bitcoin boosters and retailers have launched a website called Bitcoin Black Friday.

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The site says: "On November 29, Bitcoin takes holiday shopping by storm, with the best deals for Bitcoin users, and easy ways to buy all your presents and give to charity with the new, world-changing digital cash!"

A handful of retailers and deals are listed on the site, and more are expected to be added by the time Friday rolls out. 

So far, the deals include free shipping if you buy Sriracha Bacon Lollipops from Lollyphile; a discount on gift cards from Gyft; 20% off anything from Bees Bros.; and a discount on a Reddit gold membership.

Bitcoin users can also donate to groups like Fight for the Future, which has organized privacy and security campaigns, and is co-sponsoring the Bitcoin deal site.

For the moment, Bitcoin has not joined the rush toward offering deals on Thanksgiving. 


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