Celebrate One-Hit Wonder day!
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Celebrate One-Hit Wonder Day with aha, The Weathergirls, Right Said Fred and 52 other bands

It’s National One-Hit Wonder Day! Celebrate by taking a trip down memory lane with our list. And yes, there’s a link to videos of the songs themselves, so you can rock out in honor of these artists who sank without a trace.  ()
Admit it -- somewhere there’s footage of you doing the “Macarena” at a cousin’s wedding.  ()
This song made a bucket of money for Paul Hardcastle’s manager. That guy was Simon Fuller, and he used that cash to start a production company. So you can thank and/or blame this song for “American Idol” and “So You Think You Can Dance.”  ()
This was ostensibly performed by the comic book characters. ()
The ‘80s, man. It was a weird time. ()
The theme to innumerable high school graduations.  ()
Remember that bit about the ‘80s being a weird time? That’s the only possible explanation for how a synthesized version of an Irving Berlin song became a hit. ()
This is the most successful track from an entire concept album based on arcade games.  ()
This band has recently reunited thanks to Facebook. ()
Possibly not the best song, but a damn fine inspiration for over-the-top hairstyles.  ()
Oh, Bruce. Stick to acting.  ()
Another actor who should have avoided singing.  ()
Seriously, actors -- stop thinking you should sing. Though admittedly, this one is darn catchy. ()
This manufactured girl group was brought to you by Rick James.  ()
Contrary to rumor, this song isn’t about self-abuse.  ()
The original song is called “Pass the Kouchie,” but Musical Youth’s producers  ()
The anthem for overly made-up disaffected ‘80s youth.  ()
This one-hit wonder features Michael Jackson singing the chorus. ()
From the band that brought us Limahl()
The reason fake phone numbers on TV start with 555.  ()
The line “He brings a gun to school” was cut from the radio version after the Columbine massacre.  ()
Would a rain of men be a sign of the apocalypse? A symptom of global warming? Or just a really good time?  ()
Basil says this song isn’t about Mickey Dolenz from The Monkees. (So she was a Davy Jones girl?) ()
‘Magic Mike’ precursor or ginormous ball of cheese? You decide! ()
This new wave staple helped usher in the ‘80s.  ()
This was proclaimed the greatest one-hit wonder of all time by VH1 and Britain’s Channel 4. ()
Vanilla Ice did a version of this. Had he no shame?  ()
The song that launched a thousand “Frankie says relax” t-shirts. ()
The “funky town” in question is not Poughkeepsie. Sorry, Vassar grads...  ()
The song talks about a “Chevy ’69.” In the video, they’re driving a ’68 Impala. Don’t music videos have continuity editors?  ()
The band disappeared, but the network it launched is still going. ()
One-hit wonder and daily affirmation! ()
Rumor has it the women’s names actually stood for street drugs. ()
One-hit wonder or musical drinking game?  ()
Gotta love an Austrian pop singer comparing himself to Mozart()
Ah, EuroPop.  ()
Remember Andrew Dice Clay? He’s in this song.  ()
“My Sharona” has one of the greatest opening riffs of all time.  ()
Another great opening riff()
This was the first a cappella song to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart.  ()
It’s not called “What’s Going On”, as you’d think from the lyrics.  ()
The song dissed Beck, Hanson, Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson. All of those artists had more than one hit.  ()
This is the greatest workout song of all time. There’s even a Jensen Ackles lip-sync.  ()
Meredith Brooks penned this anthem to take-no-prisoners women everywhere.  ()
What, you thought Bono was the first rock star who wanted to save the world? Nena was way ahead of him. ()
The video for “Come On Eileen” has been called “a celebration of the armpit.” ()
If visions of “Zoolander” aren’t dancing in your head, you haven’t listened to the lyrics of Right Said Fred‘s immortal classic.  ()
The better question: Who decided that the Baha Men should dominate our radios for a season?  ()
Remember when Vanilla Ice was the future of rap?  ()