Miss: 'Skins' controversy

Underage drinking! Underage nudity! Underage sex! There were many things that parental watchdog groups were concerned about when the remake of the popular British teen show hit MTV this winter. The Parents Television Council even gave it the dubious honor of "the most dangerous show for children we have ever seen." But arguably most important, points out Times TV critic Mary McNamara, is the fact that the show is "pretty darn bad." No, not in a bad-is-good way. Rather, it relies "on tired old stereotypes and, in early episodes, absurd and dated plot points." So adults hate it. Does this mean kids are clamoring for the remote controls? While ratings did slip from the pilot's 3.3 million viewers, the show usually hovers around a million viewers per new episode. MTV aired all 10 episodes of the new series. No word if it will get a second season.
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