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For the record

Serial killings: In the April 15 LATExtra section, an article about an Orange County serial killing case said that John Gardner, who raped and killed two girls near San Diego, was monitored by GPS. Gardner was not being monitored by GPS at the time the girls were killed.

Outkast: In the April 10 Calendar section, an article about Atlanta hip-hop duo Outkast misidentified the album on which the song "Synthesizer" appeared. It was "Aquemini," not "ATLiens."

"Antboy" actors: In the April 16 Calendar section, a photo caption with a review of the movie "Antboy" misspelled actor Oscar Dietz's last name as Ditz. The caption also misidentified the actress in the photo as Amalie Kruse Jensen; she is Cecilie Alstrup Tarp.

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