Santa Clara County’s largest dam could spill over for the first time since 2006

Officials say a reservoir in Santa Clara County is on the cusp of spilling over for the first time since 2006.

But KNTV reported Wednesday that unlike damaged spillways at Oroville Dam, the Anderson Reservoir is not at risk of failure or causing major flooding.

County officials are warning nearby residents to watch out for flooding.

At 99.3% full, authorities are trying to drain the reservoir before storms arrive.


Officials say the reservoir sits in an earthquake zone and doesn’t meet federal seismic standards that it not exceed 68% capacity.

Water district spokesman Marty Grimes says the 67-year-old dam could be damaged by a 7.25 magnitude or greater earthquake.

Officials have been developing a plan to retrofit the dam since 2009, but the soonest the district could commence construction would be 2020.



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