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Reviled predator, often a target of ‘coyote whacking,’ is gaining a flicker of respect

The coyote has been hunted in every way — burned, gassed, poisoned, run over by snowmobiles and shot. Now, coyotes are getting a bit of respect and a push for basic protections.

The Russia investigation is over, but there’s a lot we still don’t know

The professor, the Russian, the trickster, the lies — Mueller's investigation is over, but many mysteries still remain.

Controversy surrounds Barr's decision on obstruction issue

Atty. Gen. William Barr sparked a new controversy by saying the evidence doesn't show President Trump obstructed justice, a conclusion special counsel Robert S. Mueller III didn't draw.

Even in crowded Democratic field, early-state voters flock to see long shots

Although TV coverage and polls indicate many of the Democratic hopefuls have almost no shot to win the nomination, voters in early states are still up for grabs and eager to hear from even long shots before deciding.

Trump says barbed wire ‘can be a beautiful sight.’ Many border communities disagree

The wire makes parts of the U.S. southern border look like a war zone. Now several cities — concerned about their images and the risk of injuries — are demanding it be removed.


1968: How a tumultuous year still shapes our world

East L.A., 1968: ‘Walkout!’ The day high school students helped ignite the Chicano power movement

In March 1968, thousands of students walked out of four Los Angeles high schools. Most were of Mexican descent; they marched for better teachers, better facilities and college prep courses. The walkouts spread to include 22,000 students across L.A. and ignited a generation of Chicano activism.