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As historically black colleges struggle across U.S., Bennett College fights to stay afloat

HBCUs like the all-women's Bennett College were largely founded after the Civil War to give African Americans the opportunity for higher education. The schools saw booming enrollment for decades. In recent years, they've struggled to survive.

Mueller report exposes all the president’s liars

Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III's report revealed a pervasive culture of lying in the White House, with senior government officials routinely mangling the truth to serve President Trump.

Pastors from Columbine funerals reflect on faith and 20 years of mass shootings

Pastors who led funerals for those killed in the Columbine High School shooting still live with the tragedy today. In the 20 years since, each time another mass shooting happens, the pain roars into the present.

737 troubles have Boeing reeling, but Seattle carries on

Boeing, racing to fix its 737 Max software, faces a host of problems. But the Seattle area, where the plane is made, appears equipped to ride out turbulence.

For towns along the U.S.-Mexico border, checkpoint closures raise anxieties

Officials in New Mexico and Texas worry about security, trade and tourism.


1968: How a tumultuous year still shapes our world

East L.A., 1968: ‘Walkout!’ The day high school students helped ignite the Chicano power movement

In March 1968, thousands of students walked out of four Los Angeles high schools. Most were of Mexican descent; they marched for better teachers, better facilities and college prep courses. The walkouts spread to include 22,000 students across L.A. and ignited a generation of Chicano activism.