Share your memories from 1968


The headlines blared.

King Sets New Date for Capital Demonstrations
Kennedy to Enter Race Today
Dr. King Slain by Sniper in Memphis
Kennedy Dies
Women's Antiwar Brigade Will March in Washington and L.A.
1,000 Walk Out in School Boycott
Vietnam: Fighting Engulfs the Cities
Apollo Makes It, Blasts Out of Moon Orbit

1968 would be defined by monumental moments. Leaders shot and killed. The fight for equality amid a fight to end war. Television, movies and music testing boundaries. And, across the globe, a constant pursuit for change.

Fifty years later, the L.A. Times is taking a reflective look back at that turbulent year. Help us retell the stories.

Was there a moment, large or small, from 1968 that has stuck with you? What did you see? What did you do? Share your memory.

Here’s how:

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