2008 Elantra red
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2008 Hyundai Elantra

[The Elantra] has an in-line, four-cylinder, 132-horsepower engine to power its front-drive wheels. It has four wheels. There also are four side doors and a rear end with a traditional notchback trunk. The transmission in the subject car is a four-speed automatic. -- Warren Brown (Hyundai)
The Elantra GLS PZEV proved competent on Marin County’s twisting, winding roads. Its handling was sure, albeit lacking the precision that some drivers demand in everything, including minivans. -- Warren Brown (Hyundai)
The car began life in 1991 as a compact. But largely in response to the growth of American bottoms and torsos, as well as in reaction to automotive rivals...which have been enlarged to accommodate the widening of America...Elantra has expanded its girth too. --Warren Brown (Michael Ruppert, Los Angeles Times)
The Elantra offers essentially two trim levels: the tested base GLS and the spiffed-up SE. The PZEV designation is in compliance with the clean-air laws of California, which attempt to be stricter and more effective than the federal government. -- Warren Brown (Hyundai)
[T]he new Elantra offers genuine rear-seating comfort for adult passengers. That’s good news for most adults who have suffered the agony of a cramped back-seat ride in a compact car. -- Warren Brown (Hyundai)
There is discernible engine straining and wheezing at speeds in the 60-mph range on low-altitude, straight roads. The car also encounters some breathing difficulties in the mountains. -- Warren Brown (Hyundai)
There is virtually no head-turning quotient, and the car is easily lost in a crowded parking lot. Attach a brightly colored balloon to the antenna. -- Warren Brown (Hyundai, xx)