Karla Dennis

OC Visionaries 2022
(richard thomas)

Chief Executive Officer
Karla Dennis and Associates Inc.

Karla Dennis is CEO and founder of Karla Dennis and Associates Inc. Known as a leading tax strategist, Dennis has been featured many times in high-profile media interviews sharing her expertise. For the last two years, she has been leveraging her expertise in tax law to give back to her community. This includes holding weekly town hall meetings to educate fellow entrepreneurs and tax professionals on what they can do to move their businesses forward, as well as answering their questions on changing tax laws and how to navigate the evolving landscape. Once a year, she gives back to the community by giving out free tax strategies on live television. Dennis informs Californians of everything they need to know before entering the new tax season, including providing education on new tax laws, tax law changes and how to best prepare for tax season.