Letters: No cellphone calls on planes

Re "Ban on in-flight calls may be lifted," Business, Nov. 22

Not only do I have to hear wailing babies, but now I may have to hear inane conversations from my seatmates as I am held prisoner in an airplane.

Really? I don't think flight attendants have time to referee arguments between passengers who want peace and quiet and passengers who want to talk about Aunt Maisie's bunions. I will try to be patient, but that might just tip me over the edge.

Jo Ann Michetti

Rancho Palos Verdes

If cellphone usage is allowed in-flight on airplanes, in the next presidential election I'll vote for whichever candidate runs on the "no cellphone usage in-flight" plank.

Democrat, Republican, tea party, Libertarian, Whig or Tory, I don't care. Don't let it happen!

Rob Newman

Beverly Hills


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