J.J. Watt has improved at the Nae Nae, which really isn’t saying much

J.J. Watt must have spent some time watching all those Nae Nae instructional videos on YouTube in the last two weeks.

The Houston Texans star defensive end's interpretation of the popular dance has vastly improved between his first attempt against the Buffalo Bills on Sept. 28 and his most recent one Thursday against the Indianapolis Colts.

Of course, both of them came off turnovers returned for touchdowns -- and he already has three of those this year -- so we really shouldn't be all that critical of the guy.

Nonetheless, here's a friendly critique.

According to an instructional video posted by We Are Toonz, the hip-hop group that created the dance, there are four steps to the Nae Nae: 1. Defense (planting your feet and squatting); 2. Rock (swaying with a lot of shoulder movement); 3. Nae Nae (putting one hand up, one hand down); 4. Four Count (adding your own creative spin).

Now Watt's first attempt at the dance, off an interception of the Bills' E.J. Manuel, was atrocious. He was really just waving his arm in the air while running into the end zone. Even Watt said afterward he wasn't sure if he was doing the Nae Nae or a Deion Sanders-style high step.

Watt didn't even get the Defense step right -- and he was the 2012 defensive player of the year, and appears to be well on his way to that honor this year, too.

After getting a lot of flak from his teammates, Watt turned in a much better effort Thursday after a 45-yard fumble return. Joined in his end zone celebration by teammates A.J. Bouye and Whitney Mercilus, Watt more or less got the first three steps in -- a marked improvement in a short amount of time.

And since he's on pace to enter the end zone four or five more times this season alone, I predict Watt will have that Four Count step down by the time he makes his third Pro Bowl appearance this winter.

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