Promo video for new stadium in Las Vegas adds momentum to Raiders’ potential move


The Raiders are looking for a new home, if you haven’t heard — though it is still unknown whether the franchise will stay put in Oakland after its one-year lease at Coliseum is up or move down the coast if the San Diego Chargers do not exercise their option to join the Rams in Los Angeles.

But Raiders owner Mark Davis’ interest in moving his team to Las Vegas is feeling more like a possibility.

The Support Las Vegas Dome group released a video Thursday titled “The Time is Now,” which is adding momentum for the Raiders’ move to Sin City. The video features Davis and Raiders President Marc Badain, alongside Nevada politicians pushing for a new stadium in the area.


“When my father passed away and I took over, I feel like I’m the person that’s carrying the torch forward, and it’s my responsibility to perpetuate his legacy,” Davis said. “For the past six years, we’ve been trying to get a stadium done in Oakland, and then the opportunity of Las Vegas came to our attention.”

Earlier in the week, at the league’s annual May meetings, Davis said he would give his commitment to Las Vegas if it can come through with financing help the franchise has been promised.

It’s not guaranteed that the franchise will move until the NFL owners vote on it in the winter owners meeting, but momentum for the move seems to be trending upward. Even other owners, such as Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft, have endorsed the relocation.

“Our goal is to build a local fan base and building the pride in the community with the Raiders and the organization,” Davis said. “[There] are things I don’t think anybody else can bring, that the Raiders and the National Football League can bring to this city.”


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