Gear: Collapsible mug makes it easy to stow a cup for joe

Stojo Collapsible Pocket Cup

Shown are the “growth stages” of the Stojo Collapsible Pocket Cup.

(Stojo Collapsible Pocket Cup)

Disposable coffee cups don’t do the environment any good, but the reusable kind are bulky and leaky.

Say hello to the Stojo Collapsible Pocket Cup, a 12-ounce capacity, mostly silicone mug that smashes down to a 3 1/2-inch-diameter, 2-inch-thick disk, a great take-along for travel or just while out and about.

The hard plastic lid and silicone stopper seal tightly to prevent leaks. A removable solid plastic slip-on sleeve adds stability to the flexible silicone cup and protects your hands from hot drinks.

The sleeve stores inside the bottom of the cup when not in use.


The Stojo is microwave- and dishwasher-safe, and the three parts can be separated for a thorough cleaning. The component materials contain no dreaded BPAs, phthalates or glues.

Info: The $15 Stojo Collapsible Pocket Cup comes in bright blue, orange, green, red, pink or black.

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