Trulli rooftops
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Offbeat Traveler: Trulli of Alberobello, Italy

The rooftops of Alberobello’s trulli. About 1,600 of these structures remain in the town today. (Adam Allegro)
Decorative pinnacles top many of Alberobello’s trulli.  (Adam Allegro)
A street in Alberobello. Though mosses and lichen have given the trulli rooftops a dash of color, their walls are whitewashed regularly.  (Adam Allegro)
Much of the stone used to build Alberobello’s trulli was collected from nearby fields. (Adam Allegro)
St. Anthony Church near the southern end of Alberobello.  (Adam Allegro)
Birds fly over Alberobello at dusk. The town is located in southeastern Italy about 150 miles east of Naples. Most of the town’s trulli are found in its Monti district. Visit Puglia’s tourism website for more information.  (Adam Allegro)