Circling the wagons
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Bumpy road of a novice RVer

Circling the wagons
RVs cluster at Dumont Dunes, near Barstow, favored for off-road vehicles, whose lights streak the hills. (CRAIG AURNESS / Corbis)
King of the road
The writer and Ted Panzer, left, drove a rented rig 633 miles on a weekend trip to the Mojave. (DOROTHY DESLAURIERS)
New horizons
Seal Beach resident Brian Brown and his 4-year-old daughter, Sarah, meet on the steps of the RV the family has just purchased for camping trips, despite a rocky first experience in a rented vehicle. (ANACLETO RAPPING / LAT)
Hotel on wheels
The Brown family - Brian, Rosie, Sarah and Will - watch TV after arriving at Sky Valley Resort near Palm Springs in their RV. (GINA FERAZZI / LAT)
Dining disappointment
The Browns head out from Sky Valley Resort for dinner. They had expected to cook out but found there were no fire pits. (GINA FERAZZI / LAT)